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Career Coach Marketing: 13 Key Ideas to Get More Clients

As a career coach, you empower individuals by helping them get a good career but unless people know that your business exists, they won’t find you. Therefore it is necessary that you utilize good marketing strategies for your career coaching business to get discovered by people who need guidance for an informed choice on their career. This article will discuss actionable marketing ideas for a career coach that can drive more clients and business for them.

1) Website

Have you ever come across a reputed career coach who doesn’t have a website? So the first step is to get a website. Just having any website set up for the sake of it is not going to do any good to you. For your website to generate good leads, the site must have the following attributes:

A) It must be professionally designed and must be well organized.
B) It must have the option to directly schedule a meeting from the website itself.
C) It must have clear contact details mentioned.
D) It must load easily on mobile devices as people are increasingly using mobile devices for web browsing.
E) It must load quickly to prevent visitors from going to competing businesses.
F) It must have your qualification, certification and achievements mentioned.
G) It must have client testimonials.

2) Brand Value

As a career coach, you must focus extensively on brand building. No one is going to trust you if they find no one is talking about you. You can get featured on reputed news portals like Yahoo Finance and Yahoo news to start building your brand. To get coverage on high-end news sites, you can use reputed press release services that can land your brand profile on such sites. You can also pitch big career and job-oriented sites for free blog post writing opportunities to get started with brand building along with getting traffic to your site.

3) LinkedIn

As a career coach, you must have a profile on LinkedIn. By using LinkedIn, you can also connect with people who are actively looking for jobs by typing keywords like “looking for a job” etc. Usually the quality of leads from LinkedIn is much better than you can find on other social networks because people here are more professional and serious. Promoting your career coaching services on LinkedIn can provide your more serious and better-converting clients.

4) Google Search

Google is the mega ocean that can drive plenty of active leads if you can manage to rank your website in the top 10 results of the first page. A good website ranking on Google will serve as one of the best career coach marketing ideas for your business. To achieve such a good ranking, you need to pay attention to the optimization of your website called search engine optimization. Any good digital marketing agency can handle the SEO of your website. If you don’t want to use any third-party agency, you can do it yourself by learning SEO from digital marketing forums.

5) Local Listings

Google local search results also called local listings are a good way to get discovered by potential clients who type keywords with local intent on Google like “career coach near me”, “career coach in [name of the city”, etc. To get started with it, you will have to make a Google My Business page which takes a few minutes to make. Google takes a number of factors including citations, reviews, etc to show results in this local pack. Any experienced SEO agency can take care of it.

6) Podcasts

You can create podcasts and upload them on the top podcast sharing directories to get more visibility. Within these podcasts, you can also promote free webinar and registration options to eventually get more customers seeking a career coach.

7) Partnerships

You can partner with local job placement businesses and can run ads on popular job search sites to drive more leads. Sites like BuySellAds.com have an inventory of many sites that allow buying banner ads on sites. You can filter sites related to your niche and can run banner ads on them to advertise your career coaching services.

8) Speaking Events

You can do speaking events in colleges, universities and can host free events for employment-seeking people in your area to get fresh leads. To lower the cost of hosting such kind of events, you can partner with non-competing businesses.

9) Editorial Writing

You can approach local newspapers and can offer to write on interesting topics that are relevant to your skills i.e. career coaching in this case. This way you can not only get clients but can also establish yourself as an authority figure. You can repeat the same for online publications and magazines too.

10) Referrals

Your past and current clients can be the best referrals for your career coaching business. You can ask your clients to leave reviews on your Google business listing page and to share reviews on their respective social networks. You can give offers or discounts in exchange for this.

11) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for a career coach is rewarding in the long run. Having a strong presence on top social networks is essential as a big chunk of your prospects will be there. You can join targeted groups on Facebook relevant to your niche and can promote your career coaching business (paid promotion). You can join groups and pages from your location and can connect with local people from your area to promote your services.

12) Newspaper Ads

The traditional advertising method of newspaper ads is also a good marketing method to bring in leads seeking a career coach. You can book ads directly online for many popular newspapers and can get it scheduled on any day as you wish.

13) Competitor Targeting

Do you have any big competitors? You can use their brand names as keywords for showing your ads on Google whenever someone types their business name on Google. This way you can show off your profile to people who are interested in your competing businesses.

The career coach marketing tips presented here are certain to show positive results in getting more clients. If you would like to discuss this topic or would like to ask any questions, kindly make use of the comments box below.

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