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Candle Advertising: 21 Ideas to Start Selling Many More Candles

As a candle business owner, just concentrating on making candles is definitely not enough as the second stage is selling it. If you want your candle-making business to flourish, you must make arrangements so that you must always face a short supply of candles due to regular orders. This is not a mission or dream, it can become a reality if you pay active attention to candle marketing. With growing competition in this industry, we have provided a list of actionable candle advertising ideas that will push you ahead of many other candle-making businesses in your area, provided you start implementing these methods.

1) High-End Candle Website

Your digital candle business starts with a website. Your candle business website must be high-end. By High-end, it is not referring to the price involved in the creation of your website, it means that your website must be able to convert most of its visitors into customers. Just being satisfied with visitors arriving on a website is not enough unless they buy candles from you. So how can you increase the ratio of people coming to your candle website to the people buying from you? just take care of the steps listed below:

A) Since most people nowadays browse directly from their mobile devices, it is crucial that your candle business website be mobile-friendly else most of such visitors will simply leave your website due to Adhoc sizing and resolution of your website.
B) Make an active contact form directly available on the homepage to capture hyper-active leads who are instantly looking to make orders for candles.
C) Give a direct phone number to call you and make this number prominently displayed on the homepage.
D) Display reviews and testimonials to boost the trust level of a prospect in your business.
E) Make it easy to navigate through the website and locate the portfolio of candles available with you along with their specialties.
F) Embed a professional video on the main page as videos are far more convincing than text in generating sales.

2) Be Found

Most of the candle businesses nowadays have a website but still many of them are struggling to get sales and new clients for their candles stock. One major reason is that they are not found online in good locations. By good location, I mean that they are not found on the first page of Google whenever anyone searches for queries like “candle business near me”, “candles business in [name of city], etc. Those businesses who are not present on the first page of Google are sure to lose sales every day because hardly people go past that page for searching things. You can make your candle business found on Google on the first page by adopting the right optimizing strategy. You do not need to leave your business for this as any decent SEO agency will handle this stuff for you.

3) Quick Start With Ads

Getting ranked organically on Google for your candle business will take some time. However, if you would like to quick-start the process of generating new customers interested in buying candles, then implementing paid advertising for candles is extremely relevant. For paid ads, the first thing is the selection of platforms to run ads. For this, Google and Facebook are the most recommended due to the presence of an active base of millions of users. You can set the ads, decide budget and keywords/interests and then can start running your ads within 24-48 hours by setting the correct parameters.

If things are not set right with these ads, it may cause more spending on ads than the revenue generated from them. If you don’t know the ABC of online paid advertising, it will be much better either to learn it first and then start running the ads or to get a professional digital marketing agency for running candle business ads on Google or Facebook.

4) Press Release

If you have any announcements related to your candle-making business, do let it spread online through press releases. A press release will generate instant attention for your announcement/content along with ensuring that hundreds of sites are carrying your content thereby generating links for your main website. Press releases also function as a brand builder due to the massive distribution it provides to businesses and services. So a press release for your candle business will ensure many things happen in one go. For these multipurpose benefits, they are regularly used by many businesses and services.

5) Marketing on Social Media

Social media marketing for the candle business is a potent but slow process to get started because it may take some months to build a good profile by sharing good content regularly. But every second of your time invested in building your candle business profile on social media will pay off very well in the end because once you get a big audience, things will start falling in their place automatically. Don’t join social networks and get started with marketing right away as people won’t engage with an aggressive marketing business.

Spend some time daily (1-2 hours) sharing useful informative content, funny images, memes, etc related to your business followed by a little bit of marketing at the start. After you have gained a significant following, you can increase the marketing content further by keeping non-marketing and marketing content balanced. You must also join Facebook groups relevant to your location so that your candle business would be in memory of many more people.

6) Content Marketing

Content marketing is a popular method of generating leads. It will take some time to produce content on your website but then it will continue generating leads freely for a long time. You can make the habit of posting just 2-3 articles per week on your website related to topics associated with your business and after 2-3 months, you will start seeing visitors growing on your website consistently.

7) Video Marketing

Videos posted on Youtube can generate leads in two ways. The first is directly from visitors searching on YouTube and the second is by Youtube videos ranking on Google for various queries. Just a small start of 2-3 videos per week is sufficient to get the ball rolling. To see more success from video marketing of your candle business, make topics around long queries like “best candle supplying business in [name of your city]” etc because longer queries are easier to rank and they produce much better conversions.

8) Seizing Competitors Customers

You can seize some fraction of customers of your competing candle business in two ways

A) By making ads on Google with the brand name of your competitors being selected as your keyword so that your candle business ad would display at the top of Google when any person types in the brand name of your competitor.
B) By making content related to your competitors and posting it on your official website followed by providing your business as an alternative.

9) By Utilizing Other Big Venues

People also search for candles on sites like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and various other eCommerce sites. You can create accounts on such sites to capture more clients. It will take a one-time effort for creating accounts successfully on these sites but once created, they will become an additional source of revenue generation for your business.

10) Building Uniqueness

You must keep on experimenting with new varieties of candles by adding new designs, scents, colors, sizes, etc so that your products have something different than the rest of the competing businesses. By having a range of unique and exclusive products, customers will have no other option to buy from any other business and you can sell these unique products at a higher margin due to the non-existence of competition.

11) Gift Ideas

Queries related to gift ideas are searched year-round on Google due to festivals and events like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Wedding anniversary, birthdays, etc. You can create content related to gift ideas and post it on your website to get chances of capturing this traffic and selling your candles to them. You can also bid on these keywords (related to events and festivals) using paid advertising and can start getting more sales. You can identify all such keywords and can imbibe in advertising your candle business.

12) Social Media Engagement and Sales

You can engage people positively on social media by running contests and offers that are linked to their interests and views. Suppose, you create a campaign of delivering candles to 500 people who post your business-related message on all or some of their social media accounts. This way you can create a buzz and viral marketing campaign for your candle-making business. For incentivizing referrals, you can also provide some custom printed and low-cost products like pens, plastic boxes, mugs, etc carrying your business name and contact number.

13) Forums

You can also join relevant forums and can get more wholesalers and dealers who might be interested in buying your candles. This way you can not only get big clients but can also increase your turnover and revenue significantly. Forums are also a great way to remain updated with many business marketing ideas and tips that you can apply to promote your candle making business.

14) Email Marketing

Since only a small percentage of people visiting a website buy in the first instance, it is important that you open up a new marketing channel to follow those visitors who didn’t buy. This marketing channel is email marketing by which you remain connected with visitors and buyers so that you can send them informative emails regularly along with promoting your candle business. You can give free discounts, gift certificates, etc to people visiting your website in order to get them to leave their email addresses.

15) Establish a Powerful Reason

People might buy candles for various reasons but you can add a powerful reason to influence their buying behavior by offering charity from your candle sales. You can highlight that a certain percentage of profit (5%, 10%) from every sale of candles goes towards any good cause, NGO, etc.

16) Reach Out to Potential Big Clients

Some businesses and services that require candles regularly can be your big and regular customers if you reach out to them. These businesses and services can be spas, interior designers, malls, restaurants, event organizers, bakery shops, gift stores, etc.

17) Referrals

Referrals have been one of the powerful means of marketing businesses. To generate referrals continuously, you can ask your current customers to refer them or can give them a two-way referral coupon so that they can give it to others and both of them would get discounts and/or rewards.

18) Candle Parties

If you have extra space on your premise, you can arrange candlelight party (for birthdays, anniversaries, etc) for some of your high-end customers so that they would bring more people on your premise which would gain more awareness of your business.

19) Affiliate Program

You can also create an affiliate program and can join some big networks like Commission Junction, ShareASale, etc so that your business can get exposed to many affiliates who would promote your candle business to earn affiliate commissions.

20) Offline Marketing

The normal methods of marketing offline like flyers, newspaper ads, banners, etc are still used to this day to generate awareness and sales. You can also implement them in your candle business marketing strategy to cater to potential prospects who search for business and services offline.

21) Reviews

Reviews are more important nowadays as people check the feedback by others to judge the authenticity of a business. You can encourage your clients to leave feedback and in return can give them discount cards for their next order. On the other hand, you must also set up “Google Alerts” to get notified every time someone writes about your business online. This is important because negative reviews can spoil a business and you must remain vigilant of who talks what about your candle business. Setting up “Google alerts” is very easy and you can find many videos that explain this process.

With these candle advertising ideas listed in the article, you are well-equipped to grow your candle business in a short period of time. We would like to hear your opinions, doubts in the “leave a reply” section below.

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