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35 Burger Marketing Ideas to Attract Plenty of Customers

The missing link between opening a burger store/restaurant and successfully running it lies in marketing. Every burger lover nowadays has just too many options to choose from because there are many stores/shops selling burgers. The main question is – How can your burger shop cut a greater chunk of the local market share? The answer is – by using an effective advertising strategy. So read on these burger marketing ideas, take action on these ideas, and see the growth in customers. Let us go through these ideas now:

1) Tweak Site Factors to Increase Outcomes

Most people ignore the fact that their website itself can be converted into a strong marketing magnet by tweaking some basic elements. These little changes, if applied, will ensure that you will be successful to convert more site visitors into clients for your burger business. Let us see what factors can enable your burger website to increase visitor conversion rates.

a) Do you have certifications, key achievements, recognition, testimonials, placed on the main page? They act towards generating reliance in your business/service due to which the conversion rates increase.
b) Do you provide the option to select and order burger items online from your website? By giving online delivery options, sales are sure to grow. For getting the delivery done, you can keep an employee or can partner with food delivery startups.
c) Do you provide order customization for burgers and other food items? By providing a few customization options through your website, you can have more range of customers.
d) Make your website speed-loading as well as mobile-optimized so that you don’t lose visitors owing to slow load times and non-optimized resolution of your website.
e) Make a creative video of your burger business and put it on the homepage to grow your chances of conversion because videos are way better at convincing and converting people than any ordinary text content.
f) Provide easy and multiple contact options for a great customer care experience.

2) Impart a Strong Search Presence on Google

Google controls the major chunk of traffic amongst all search engines and this is why having your website powerfully established in Google (i.e. top 10 results) for keywords related to your burger business can do wonders. Since you might not have the time and resources to implement and update with the changing SEO required for ranking your burger website in Google, you can outsource this task to any capable digital marketing agency. While it may take 3-4 months for SEO factors to take effect in ranking your site, you will start getting customers for your burger restaurant/business easily and consistently once you make it to the top 10 in Google results.

3) Outrank Competitors by Learning Their Digital Strategy

By imbibing the following aspects of your competing businesses online on Google search, you can witness growth in clients and revenue.

a) You can compile the list of all keywords (either yourself or through a freelancer) for which your competitor burger businesses are ranking. Then you must write content around these keywords followed by posting them on your burger business website to get traffic from these keywords.

b) You can explore all the top links pointing at your competitors ( by link explorer tool like ahrefs) and can then reach out to these sites to get links for your website too to gain a higher position in Google.

4) Take a Power Plunge with Google Ads

If your business can afford money to do paid advertising online, nothing can come close to promoting your burger business using Google ads. Google ads being the most sought-after online advertising platform in the world, has the potential to provide customers quickly to almost all kinds of businesses and services out there. Though it might sound too easy, running ads on Google has its own set of optimizing requirements else your budget would get depleted faster with minimal results. Join any course to learn Google advertising or better outsource the process to an expert individual or agency.

5) Get Press Releases Done Often

Some people think that press releases are mere announcement-making mechanisms. Press releases, if used through the right sources can enable your burger business to become visible on a host of powerful news sites due to which your burger business will get immense benefits in the form of increased reputation, links, and traffic. However, choosing the right press release distribution is the key here to getting your content published on high-quality and trafficked news sites. Having your business name appear on such news platforms also helps in creating the brand image of your burger store/business.

6) Do More Business with “Google My Business”

When an online user is looking for some goods or services nearby and enters a keyword or phrase in Google for the same, Google chooses 3 relevant local businesses to display in its local pack on the first page. These results are schema rich and have rating stars, reviews, photos, and a lot more. With so many businesses having an online presence, there is a lot of competition to make your business details appear in this section. So if you also want your burger store to be discovered by your potential customers in this Google local pack, then the first thing you have to do is set up a “Google My Business” page followed by well-executed optimization of your GMB profile. This GMB optimization procedure may require professional assistance from a digital marketing firm if you find the process cumbersome or hard to implement.

7) Use Content Strategically to Grow Business

You can get a new source of traffic using content for sparsely searched keywords or low-competition keywords related to your burger business. There are many keyword searching tools available that can land you many good keywords related to your business. Content creation for such keywords along with publication on your site will add to the current volume of site visitors per month. Additionally, you can also reach out to big websites in the food and restaurant niche and can ask for your guest posts to be published, which will give you high-quality links that will in turn give you bigger ranking gains and traffic gains on Google.

8) Build List, Build Extra Benefits

To send direct messages (discounts, offers, new recipes) to a targeted and interested audience every time, it is essential to build an email list. The very basic method to start building a list is by having an email subscription form on your website along with some offers that your website visitors can get for providing their email addresses. Once you have a good enough list of subscribers, you can send advertising content anytime you wish for a low cost and within minutes. This will lead to quick sales and also loyalty building.

9) Stepwise Grow Your Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing for your burger business is a good strategy to generate customers if you know how to proceed with subtle marketing on platforms like Insta, Twitter, and FB. Since these social networks thrive on interesting content, so direct and aggressive marketing fails for many businesses and services. The key to success in social media marketing is to start with the approach of interacting and engaging with people for some time so as to keep growing followers which will anyways help your business to reach more people locally.

10) Get Promoted to Local Clusters on Social Media

On social media, you will find many local clusters of population controlled by influencers. These influencers from your city/town can be a live asset for marketing your burger business to their followers. For this, ask for promotion charges to local influencers in closely related categories (like food, recipes) and assign the promotional work to those influencers who ask for a decent enough price. Depending upon your bargaining skills, you can find many good influencers who can happily promote your burger business within $50-$100 range. This process can also render growth of the social media profile of your burger business.

11) Get Dual Advantages from Directories

Find big directories like Yelp in your niche and start listing out your burger business on these sites. It will serve two purposes. It will provide you with backlinks that will help your site rank even better in Google. It will also give you customers due to the traffic arriving on these sites for your business-related keywords. On seeing the potential of such sites, you can even scale it further by taking the paid promotion packages on such sites.

12) Give Free Gifts, Score Associated Benefits

It is a human tendency that people tend to remember gifts. This is why if your business can hand out very low-cost gift items with your burger business name marked on them, these gift items will not only be remembered by your customers but will also get you closer to your customers. This process will thus have a long-term marketing and loyalty-building impact. Some low-cost items that can be considered for implementing this promotion strategy are pens, jars, mugs, bowls, calendars, pocket diaries, etc.

13) Start Getting More Orders with Videos

Out of 100 visitors landing to text content vs video content, the conversions from video content are greater than text content. This is why people serious about growing their businesses should not forget to utilize video marketing. Video marketing for a burger business is very easy. You just have to find out all the less traffic and less optimized keywords (which can be outsourced) followed by getting videos uploaded on such keywords on YouTube. It will lead to many such videos appearing in Google search results too, thereby getting customers for your burger business passively.

14) Use Editorial Marketing Through Newspapers

It is one thing to post ads for your burger restaurant/business in newspapers and it is a completely different thing to get your burger business advertised indirectly through articles published in newspapers. The latter method is far more effective in growing your burger business. Since many local newspapers do welcome posts written by subject-matter experts, you can reach out and ask for contributing posts on burger recipes and associated topics. This will have the double benefit of growing your personal image as well as of your burger business.

15) Provide Home Delivery to Grow Your Sales

Many people look for the convenience of getting food items delivered to their homes and by giving the choice of online ordering and delivery, you will improve the number of sales you are getting presently. With many delivery service providers in big cities and towns, this process has become much more easier to implement. You can take this method a step further by giving a customization option for burgers.

16) Leverage Food Delivery Apps to Your Advantage

Grubhub, Uber eats, Seamless, and similar restaurant aggregator apps get thousands of views every month locally. When you list your burger shop/restaurant on such apps, you open a new gate for extra customers. So find the popular apps from your location and get your burger business listed.

17) Use Sample Marketing

How is your burger different from others and why should people prefer your burgers over others? To answer this, give away free burgers as samples to let people taste them and decide for themselves. To make more impact with this kind of marketing, ask people taking free burger samples to share their pics with free burgers on their social media profiles.

18) Associate and Network with Relevant Partners

Most businesses and services in the food and entertainment category can be good potential sources to send you big orders. A few ideas in this category are hotels, event planners, caterers, wedding planners, etc. Reach out to them, introduce your business and ask for getting your burger business referred for parties and other occasions.

19) Make Use of Local Groupings

Wherever some event, trade show, community meeting or local festival is taking place, you can expect a big crowd there. To make this crowd aware of your business, you can host a stall for your burger business in such places and can also offer discount coupons to the attendees to get them to visit your burger restaurant/store.

20) Sell More Burgers with Vehicle Promotion

The empty space on your vehicle can be made into an advertising asset if you cover a part of your vehicle with the advertisement of your burger business. By paying commissions to other vehicle owners, this method of promotion can be extended to other vehicles too.

21) Target Wider Locations and Grow Your Business

Your burger business is static and this limits your growth. You can, therefore, rent a food truck and can place it in different locations on different days along with informing customers from the respective locations about your online delivery facility. This way people across a much larger area will come to know about the option to place orders for burgers online through your website and this will eventually grow your sales volume.

22) Go for Bulk Supply and See Your Business Grow

Reach out to restaurant owners, hotel owners, food truck owners, etc, and enquire if they would like to buy burgers from you in bulk quantity for a very low price. This will benefit the other side in increasing their menu without having to deal with the preparation of burgers. Successfully taking the bulk order supply deal with even a few such businesses will cause considerable growth in the revenues of your burger business.

23) Let Photos Drive More Burger Sales

Photos of food items can cause many impulse sales if the photos are shot and promoted creatively. For this, start taking photos of burgers and edit them with new messages followed by getting them posted on your Insta pages and Pinterest pages. To level up this method further, get these photos shared by your customers (in exchange for discounts) on their social profiles to get more people to successfully come across your burger marketing.

24) Grow Business by Holding Contests

To utilize the combined effort of people in promoting your burger business, you can announce contests for sharing your business on social media profiles followed by rewarding a few lucky people from your region. If this contest gets a good start, you will easily find your burger business being shared across a few thousand profiles. Such contests are also good to collect the email addresses of the local population for the purpose of marketing to them periodically.

25) Add More, Get More

People appreciate variety and by adding new and unique recipes, you can sell more items and can therefore increase the revenue of your burger business. An additional advantage of new recipes is that you can create combo packs and can grow the per-order revenue for your business.

26) Improve Sales with Specialized Burgers

With health consciousness increasing around the world, people are looking for options like sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Get these varieties available for your burger business and you will find a loyal customer base of people who require such options.

27) Get Data Collected to Grow Burger Sales

By making efforts to collect your customer data like name, contact number, and email, you can get a big and long-term advantage for promoting your burger deals and offers time and again. This will cause more repeat sales. Whenever any customer arrives at your shop to buy burgers, ask for these details and provide some extra benefits in return so that customers can happily share their data with you.

28) Sell More Burgers with Fundraisers

Have a noble cause and announce providing a certain percentage of your sales to some NGO, charity, or as a fundraiser for a cause. This will create a good image of your burger business among people and will cause an increase in loyalty toward your business.

29) Make People Promote Your Business for Discounts

Get a board displaying discounts for customers sharing your burger business on their social media. This little marketing method will get your business spread across many social media profiles and will give you more customers.

30) Let Your Shopfront Attract More Customers

By making your shopfront attractive, you can get more people to visit your burger shop/business. You can place a big burger (of plastic) on the front of your store so as to get attention from passersby. Also, make use of professionally shot pictures of burgers on your shopfront to attract more people.

31) Get Crowd Power to Grow Your Business

As a burger business owner, you might be having knowledge of a certain number of burger recipes. To get more people to contribute towards enhancing the burger varieties in your store, announce rewards for new burger recipes. The more range of burger recipes your business has, the more special place and name it will be able to make among customers.

32) Grow More with Coupon Marketing

By giving coupon books to big businesses in your region, you can get these coupons for your business distributed to new people. Many of these people will come to your store to redeem their coupons and this way you can generate more sales.

33) Host Special Party to Grow More

Host a party for local journalists and influencers in the food niche so that your party and your burger business name can get propagated to people locally. This process can also help you to build good connections and network that you can use for your business growth in various ways.

34) Fill the Marketing Gap with Offline Marketing

With a big population accessing the internet, online marketing is a good strategy to market your burger restaurant/business. However, you will still leave out promotion to a significant chunk of your local population who are either not online or devote very little time online. This is why taking the advantage of offline marketing methods will work in your favor to get more promotions and more customers. Some regular ways to do offline promotion are getting your ads displayed through billboards and banners, getting your business flyers distributed, newspaper classified ads, introducing your business through stalls in crowded malls and places, etc

35) Good Image Online Equals More Customers

The earlier role of recommendations from friends and relatives has largely been replaced with online reviews as more people now look for reviews online and this trend is constantly increasing. Though there is no denying the fact that by providing good quality food and recipes, good reviews for your business will increase, you must actively ask your customers to leave reviews if you want to speed up the process of acquiring a positive reputation for your business online. Actively monitor reviews left by people online and be proactive in resolving low ratings or unfavorable reviews.

Satisfied with this comprehensive article on burger marketing ideas? Let us know anything that’s unclear, feedback, or doubts, through the discussion box given below.

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