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28 Bridal Shop Marketing Ideas That Will Increase Your Sales

A wedding is a lifetime memorable experience and for this reason, most people want to select the best bridal shop for their wedding program. However, there are so many bridal shops in all big towns and cities that many bridal stores find it hard to expand their business. By adopting good marketing ideas for your bridal shop, your business can gain more sales. This post is, therefore, intended for those people who are looking to increase sales for their bridal shop by adopting effective advertising methods. Let us start delving into these methods one by one.

1) Increase the Effectiveness of Your Website for Sales

It is not hard to put up a basic website for your bridal shop. The real test of your website is assessed by its capability to convert visitors into clients. If your bridal store business gets 16 calls a month from 400 monthly visitors to your site, then your site’s conversion ratio will be just 4 percent. You need to aim on growing this number to make the most efficient use of your website. So, it is essential that your website contains the following things:

a) A phone number must be prominently displayed on the homepage to encourage more phone calls.

b) For customers who need quick appointment booking, a direct appointment booking option should be available on your website.

c) If prospective customers have trouble reading the text of your website on their mobile devices, they may abandon the site altogether, thus it is important that your site should be mobile-optimized.

d) An instantaneous loading time to make certain that no visitor would give up on waiting for your site to load completely.

e) Raise the trust in your wedding shop by showcasing your achievements and testimonials.

2) Work on Your SEO To Get More Visitors

If your wedding store website is not on the first page of Google, it will fail to attract any significant organic traffic from the search engines. This makes it essential for you to seek ways to bring your website into the top 10 results of Google. However, a number of factors need to be considered for getting such rankings which are technically called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are free resources online to learn more about understanding and implementing SEO. Another safe route for better SEO performance in order to get more leads is to contract out the task to any SEO agency.

3) Adopt PPC Ads for Faster Traffic

You can more precisely select and target your audience with search engine ads (particularly Google Ads and Bing Ads) than with traditional media like television and radio. In addition, the price is far lower than that of television commercials since you only have to pay when a potential customer voluntarily clicks on your ad. It is also one of the quickest ways to bring in wedding shop leads and clients because your advertisement campaign for Google Ads and Bing ads are often approved within a day or two. For getting the most out of your ad campaign, you can engage a digital advertising firm to run advertisements for your business. In case, you want to manage it all by yourself then you can go through many guides and tutorials available online.

4) Do Social Media Marketing

No longer can the pervasiveness of social media be ignored. The vast potential that social media marketing offers has led to its widespread adoption by businesses and services. Building a social media presence for your bridal shop business and attracting an audience will need some initial effort, but will pay off in the long term. If you want more people to follow and subscribe to the social media page of your business, you will need to consistently provide information that is interesting and useful to your intended demographic. Including links to your official social media accounts in other types of advertising (online and offline) will help you to get more followers. You can also ask your customers to spread your social media profile links on their profiles in exchange for some or the other incentive.

5) Get More Local Leads With Google My Business

For most local searches conducted on Google, “Google Business Profile” or “Google My Business (GMB)” listings are shown. Considering the fact that these listings generate many local customers for businesses, you should make a Google Business Profile page with as much details filled out like business name, opening hours, address, phone number, images, etc. These results are not just listed in Google search listings, they also show up on Google maps. So get your GMB page ready as it is a new marketing channel for your business.

6) Grow Big With Press Releases

Most businesses don’t yet understand the potential of a press release. Press releases are not simply announcement-making tools as understood by many. By using premium press release syndication sites, a business can easily get access to being published on news portals like Yahoo news, Associated Press, Fox news affiliates, etc. They are a great brand-building mechanism along with the fact that the backlinks fetched by them help towards increasing the Google rankings of your business.

7) Attract More Traffic by Content Marketing

The more posts you have on your website, the more will be the appearance of your website in search engines for various keywords. This will result in more traffic and proportionately more sales. This explains the relevance of content marketing for your wedding business. You can explore various topics related to your wedding shop business and can start putting up blog posts on them. After consistently posting content for a few months, you can witness traffic from search engines growing on your site.

8) Create a Chain Reaction With Referrals

Word-of-mouth advertising should be considered for the growth of your business. It is a straightforward strategy that can help you get new clients while holding on to the commitment of your current clientele. Providing incentives to your current customers who recommend your business to their circle of friends and family is the quickest and easiest approach to accomplish this strategy. Customers will be able to recommend their friends and family members to your wedding shop if you provide them with coupons that include enticing benefits. This marketing strategy has the potential to significantly increase your sales/leads.

9) Use Low-Cost Merchandise To Build Long-Term Connections

Giving free low-cost stuff with the name of your bridal shop printed on it, such as balloons, pens, pocket diaries, and other similar items, is a simple and efficient means of creating a long-lasting memory in the minds of your clients. In addition, the brand name of your wedding store will be brought to the attention of everybody and everyone who encounters your custom-printed items, whether it happens directly or indirectly.

10) Close More Sales With Email Marketing

People find your bridal shop website and other digital marketing assets online while searching for some or the other products/services offered by you. If you can open a line of contact with these visitors, you can get more chances of making sales. For this to happen, email marketing is an excellent way. Displaying sign-up forms on your website and social media sites makes it easy for users to subscribe to your email list. Another way to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter is by giving them discounts or some free stuff in return for their email addresses. Once you have managed to create an email list of your clients, you can get more chances to convince them for trying your products and services. This, in turn, presents a fantastic opportunity for your bridal shop to grow its revenues.

11) Make Your Presence in Top Directories

There are many sites and directories whose good ranking positions can be utilized to grow your bridal shop business. You can discover such sites by typing terms related to your business on Google succeeded by noting down the names of those sites that manage to rank in the top 10 results of Google. The next step is to sign up for each directory and put up your business details on them. This process can ensure additional clients for your business. Getting clients through such powerful online directories is a smart and low-cost way to take your business to the next level.

12) Convince and Convert More People With Videos

Videos that are strategically made and uploaded to YouTube can attract the attention of a new audience relevant to your business. If you want your videos to get more views, a good strategy is to create videos for long-term search keywords ideally 5-6 words and greater as there is low competition for long-term keywords. As the number of videos posted on YouTube will start growing, so will the views and leads for your business. Increase in brand awareness is another good benefit of promoting your bridal shop through videos.

13) Consider Boosting Reviews to Boost Sales

Since an ever-increasing number of people now have access to information through the internet, so prior to availing products/services, many people typically conduct online research to see the reviews that the company/business has. Therefore, a prospective customer who gets excellent reviews about your wedding shop online is more likely to turn into your customer. The process of building up good reviews can be done by a combination of good products/services offered along with asking or incentivizing your customers to share their experience about your products/services online.

14) Use Influencers to Be Known More

People who have a significant number of followers on social media are considered “influencers”. The vast majority of these influencers have an interest in forming business deals as well. You can build business relationships with these people related to your field so that they would promote your wedding shop products and services on their own social media accounts. As a result, exposure to your wedding business will grow. The one and only catch is that the influencer should belong to your local region and a significant proportion of his/her followers must also be from your local region.

15) Utilize Client Interviews for Growth

Apart from the monetary gains that you receive from your clients, you can also get long-term advantages from your clients in two other ways. First is in the form of video testimonials from these clients, that you can put up on your website, using which you can convince other potential clients to trust and try your services. The second is in the form of asking questions to these clients to get more details on their needs followed by making your business model even more relevant by understanding customer behavior.

16) Participate in Related Events

As a business owner, you can take advantage of all such events where you can showcase your wedding business to more people. These events can be wedding shows, bridal fairs, and even shows in nonrelated niches as long as you know that a good percentage of the local population is going to participate in them.

17) Harness The Power Of Anniversary Cards

Since you will serve many brides, you can make a record of their marriage dates followed by sending them marriage anniversary cards to maintain a constant line of communication with them. This is a very small step towards building a long-lasting relationship and these same clients can refer their friends and relatives to your business if they remain in touch with you.

18) Explore The Power of Other Wedding Websites

There are many different kinds of blogs related to weddings and in order to take benefit from these wedding sites, you can contact the site owners and can ask for publishing your blog post on them. You can also explore other advertising opportunities on such wedding blogs in order to gain more visibility for your own business.

19) Hold Social Media Contests

You don’t have to take an entire load of marketing your bridal shop business yourself. By harnessing the power of social media, you can ease the process of marketing your bridal business by holding contests on social media platforms. If the rewards offered by you are good enough and your contests are well organized, you will soon find that your bridal business-related promotions will be spread across hundreds or even thousands of social media profiles due to the mass involvement of people.

20) Specialised Platforms and Forums

By doing a basic search for other wedding forums and directories, you will find that there are many specialized platforms that are dedicated to brides and weddings. Some of the most famous platforms are Weddingwire, The Knot, etc. Since such platforms receive targeted traffic relevant to your industry, the presence of your business on such platforms will definitely attract more eyeballs to your business which will, in turn, increase your sales. An indirect advantage that you can gain from this method is that the backlinks from these websites will help in the better performance of your website on search engines which will help you gain more search engine traffic

21) Increase Your Reputation with Wedding Magazines and Publications

Contact the editorial desk of popular wedding magazines and ask if you can contribute some posts from your side. Alternatively, you can also ask for advertising opportunities in such magazines and publications. The best advantage of getting found in such magazines is that it enhances the reputation of your wedding business many times over as you can display the fact (on your website) that your business posts are published in famous wedding magazines. This process will automatically create a good impression of your business. As these magazines are read by many industry-related people, your bridal shop business will also attract more partnerships and recognition with other businesses in your niche.

22) Attract More People with “Behind the Scenes” Reels/Videos

“Behind the Scenes” videos have more sense of suspense attached to them and this is why more people find them interesting. You can share “behind the scenes” videos related to your bridal store on popular social networks like Instagram and Facebook to increase your chances of getting more views and thereby recognition for your wedding business. Such videos can also be published in a separate section on your website so as to get more involvement and engagement from all the potential customers who land on your website.

23) Make Use of Shoot Styles

Taking pictures of your customers with the products and services offered by your business followed by posting them on your social media platforms and websites is also a great way to generate more engagement and trust from people. Such shoots can also be useful in increasing the portfolio of your business.

24) Generate Traffic with Pinterest

The social networking site Pinterest has a greater share of a female audience, which is very much in line with your intended business demographic. Another benefit of Pinterest is that many pins and boards from Pinterest rank high on Google for various search terms and therefore sharing photos from your business on various Pinterest boards can help you gain more backlinks to your site as well as more traffic and brand visibility.

25) Get More Referrals From Related Businesses

People often ask for recommendations of businesses and services from associated businesses. This is why you must establish good relations with associated businesses related to your industry in order to get more referrals. Some of the good business partners for referring your bridal shop can be wedding photographers, owners or managers of wedding venues, makeup artists, etc

26) Increase Revenue Per Client With Add-On Services/Partnerships

In order to increase your chances of generating more revenue from your clients, you must come up with add-on services or partnerships with other businesses. You can refer your clients to other linked businesses like caterers, florists, wedding photographers, etc, and can earn extra commissions from these businesses and services along with increasing the chances of getting return referrals from these businesses and services.

27) Be Updated to Remain Ahead in Your Business

With growing competition, it becomes extremely important that your bridal store business must remain updated with the current trends that are going on in your industry. In order to remain relevant with the present times, you must definitely keep a close watch on the new developments (and on your competing business) in your sector regularly and must be one of the first to imbibe the new changes. Businesses that adapt to changing times have no problems in remaining relevant and this is why you must happily be open to new changes.

28) Offline Marketing of Your Bridal Shop

Despite the fact that the bulk of marketing tactics nowadays are increasingly focusing on online marketing, offline marketing continues to bring in leads and revenues for several business organizations throughout the world. In comparison, one can find that online marketing offers a few great advantages over offline marketing methods, the most notable of which is the lower cost and better targeting. However, offline marketing is still relevant and you can utilize newspaper ads, banners, billboards, brochures, etc to get the word out about your bridal store and bring in potential customers.

This sums up our top recommendations for marketing your bridal shop. If you are stuck at any point or have any more ideas/questions to discuss, we heartily welcome you to continue the communication using the comment box below.

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