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25 Bookkeeping Marketing Ideas to Keep Getting New Customers

Many new businesses are coming up every month and many of them do require someone to handle their bookkeeping. However, due to the existence of plenty of bookkeeping services everywhere, it is not sufficient to wait for customers to come automatically. The growing competition demands the implementation of good marketing strategies for a bookkeeping business to keep growing amidst the intensified competitive scenario. For this, we have listed the following bookkeeping marketing ideas that can keep your business busy with new customers:

1) Start Optimizing Your Website First

To reach a wider audience and cater to potential online customers, a website should be your basic priority. This is because a growing percentage of people now start looking for a product or service online. Having a website makes it easier for your business to grow into new markets as a website isn’t bound by physical boundaries. Here are a few suggestions that will help your website to better convert for your business:

a) Apart from being well-designed, your bookkeeping website must be well-organized, simple to navigate, and must be packed with useful and relevant information.
b) Contact details of your business should ideally be displayed on the most visible part of your site.
c) Your website should ensure that testimonials are present to build user trust.
d) Mobile optimization of your website must be necessarily enabled to display your site with the correct resolution on mobile devices.
e) Complete website loading time should be within 1 second or a maximum 2-second timeframe.
f) Major milestones, awards, media recognition of your business must be highlighted on your website.

2) Be Active on Prominent Social Networks

Building a social media following takes consistent involvement for a few months but there are long-term results associated with having a significant following on social media. Businesses that expect quick results from social media marketing don’t often get favorable outcomes. The road to success with social media marketing starts with the consistent sharing of quality information along with regular interaction with people who respond to your content. Once your business page on social networks gets to a level of a sizable fanbase, you can ramp up your bookkeeping business marketing efforts. To increase brand awareness and attract new followers as well as consumers, it’s important to become a part of as many relevant local Facebook groups as possible.

3) Avail Services of Influencers to Boost Your Branding Efforts

Local people who have gained a follower base of at least a few thousand on any social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are the ideal influencers for advertising your bookkeeping business. Find such local-level influencers on social media platforms and get in touch with them to see if you can make an advertising deal with them at a reasonable cost. Also, pay attention to the fact that a sizeable percentage of the followers of these influencers must be from your local town/city itself else it will be useless to promote to an untargeted audience. With the right choice of influencers, advertising your business will be a very easy task.

4) Start Your LinkedIn Journey for Big Clients

LinkedIn is the only effective platform where you can find the most high-end corporate customers from any location. In order to get in touch with the company’s upper management, LinkedIn is the perfect solution. Further, with LinkedIn’s paid add-ons, you will get more features that you can utilize to grow your professional network faster. LinkedIn is way superior to common platforms like Facebook and Instagram when it comes to making meaningful business relations. Thus, LinkedIn is a great platform for promoting your bookkeeping business to potential high-net-worth clients.

5) Get Free Traffic and Clients Using Good SEO Principles

As most people explore businesses and services on Google, it is important to rank on the first page of Google to attract organic traffic to your bookkeeping website. To help websites rank on the 1st page of Google, the processes involved are jointly referred to as “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). SEO involves handling various technical factors in order to successfully attain good rankings. If you are new to this domain, you can go through a few online resources to help you understand the entire technicalities of SEO or a better alternative is to hire a company to do the SEO job for you.

6) Raise Your Content Posting Frequency

Posting content regularly on your site will help your website appear on search engines for a greater number of search queries. More appearances will render out as more visitors and more sales/leads. This way to increase the growth of a website is called content marketing. For this, it is necessary to perform extensive keyword research so as to uncover good keywords related to which you can write and publish posts on your website. Any good keyword searching tool like Ahrefs can help you to uncover hundreds of keywords relevant to the bookkeeping niche. Content writing can be outsourced to any freelancing platform or any agency to make the process hassle-free.

7) Magnify Your Digital Presence with Press Releases

Several factors are included while promoting your business or brand online and a press release is one of the popular mechanisms to strike many goals at once. Though most businesses have a rough and incomplete idea of press releases as being a mere announcement-making mechanism, they are much bigger than that. Press releases generate traffic, build brand awareness and affect the search engine rankings of websites through high-quality backlinks earned by them. If the choice of your press release distribution partner is good, you can see your business-related content appear on some of the world-famous news portals.

8) Occupy Place Within the Google Local Pack

GMB or “Google My Business” offers your business a gateway to showcase your business details on local search results as well as on Google Maps. By creating a GMB page for your bookkeeping business, your business becomes eligible to be displayed on the front page of Google for local queries. If your business manages to get more reviews and citations online, your business details will be shown more often for local search queries thus generating more bookkeeping leads.

9) Check Out Paid Advertising Options

It is well known that paid advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Bing, hastens the process of lead creation and sales for many businesses. Qualitywise, Google is the finest option for advertising, with Facebook being the second. To have a successful ad strategy, you must look after the strategies like proper ad creation, right bidding, setting the right keywords, etc. For the right optimization of ads and greater chances of success, hire a professional marketing agency to handle your company’s paid marketing.

10) Start Being Referred With This Method

Offering coupons or discounts to customers in order to incentivize them to refer new customers is the core of referral marketing. As people trust their friends and relatives much more than any advertisement done by a business, referral marketing is a key marketing strategy for businesses. It is also a good way to retain your current clients. Come up with great rewards and incentives for referring new clients and you will know the power of referral marketing.

11) Grow Business With Inexpensive Items

For growing your bookkeeping business, low-cost utility products with your business name printed on them can be a great marketing strategy. These custom-printed products can be low-cost items like mugs, pocket calendars, pens, pencils, cloth hangers, etc. Such products can be distributed to your customers when they avail of your services. Such products also can be served as incentives to get your bookkeeping business name shared by people on their social media profiles.

12) Grow Conversion rates With Email Marketing

For engaging with existing customers and attracting new ones, email marketing is a top-notch solution. Many times individuals visit a company’s website but remain undecisive due to which they do not buy your products/services. Your chances of converting such site visitors will increase if you collect their email addresses followed by sending out follow-up reminders and announcements. Marketing through emails is also effective in informing existing about new offers, discounts, and other incentives which in turn helps to improve sales. Giving away incentives like discounts or offers in exchange for email addresses provides an added advantage in boosting sales.

13) Use High-End Directory Submissions

Just by typing search queries related to your bookkeeping business on Google, you will discover that many directories (like Yelp, Crunchbase, etc) are also positioned on the top search results. You must note down the name of these directories followed by listing your business details on them because by doing this, your business can get more visibility and leads. You must also periodically check the status of your listing created on such directories and also reply to any questions/feedback left by people on these sites.

14) Videos Can Be an Additional Source of Leads

When prospective clients do an online search for information about products/services offered by a business, the search results can also include videos from the YouTube platform. This explains why posting videos about your business on YouTube can be crucial to get extra traffic and thereby sales. Having an active channel on YouTube will increase the brand recognition of your business. With the growth in videos posted on YouTube, the number of channel subscribers and views will also start increasing which is a significant step in making your business more recognized among the masses.

15) Offer Free Video Consultation to Get More Clients

When it comes to bookkeeping, businesses want to make sure that people or organization handling their bookkeeping have good knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. In order to display your knowledge to potential clients, offer free video consultation so that they can trust your business which will definitely result in converting most of them into your customers. In order to promote your free consultation offer, you can announce it on all of your marketing assets like your website and social media profiles.

16) Grow Your Business by Writing for Local Newspapers

Newspapers like to get expert content and you can make use of your expertise in bookkeeping services to come up with good content on various aspects related to bookkeeping. By consistently writing for local newspapers, you can not only establish your business name but can also simultaneously attract bookkeeping requests from more businesses in your area. This process can also open new opportunities in terms of contributing to even larger newspapers and magazines.

17) Utilize Business Conferences and Chamber of Commerce

Actively participate in all business conferences so that you can introduce your bookkeeping services to businesses, which is undoubtedly a great method to score more leads. The same process can be applied in meetings of the Chamber of Commerce from your respective region. If the Chamber of Commerce from your region publishes a monthly or weekly newsletter, then you can explore opportunities to get your content published on them or can also book ad slots on them for greater publicity.

18) Offer Free Bookkeeping for Charities to Open New Doors

Many businesses contribute to charities and by offering free bookkeeping services to popular charities, you can not only make a good image of your business but can also utilize their reference to get introduced to more businesses.

19) Associate With Most Relevant Partners for Growing Referrals

Businesses and services like accountants, tax lawyers, financial advisors, etc., can prove to be good partners for sending you referrals for bookkeeping. You can offer good incentives to this group of people to send new customers to you. You can brainstorm and associate with more such service providers whose customer demographic matches your service in order to get more referrals.

20) Scan and Utilize Job Boards

Many times you will find ads for hiring bookkeeping service providers on big classified sites and job boards like Craigslist, Indeed, etc. You can, therefore, make a routine to periodically check job boards and classifieds for bookkeeping requirements and can approach these businesses with your offer

21) Keep an Eye on Newly Registered Businesses and Startups in Your Region

Since most new businesses and startups don’t have the necessary setup for bookkeeping services, they are fresh leads to whom you can offer and promote your bookkeeping services. In order to find out the list of newly registered businesses, you can explore the website of your local Chamber of Commerce.

22) Use Traditional Offline Marketing Ideas

Online marketing is much more affordable and targeted than offline marketing yet offline marketing remains the most dominant around the world. Since it is not wise to expect that a business can reach all segments of the population through online marketing, offline marketing holds its significance. For new businesses that are low on budget or are just starting out, it is always advised to stick to online marketing during their initial marketing journey. If your marketing budget permits, you can try time-tested offline promotion methods like newspaper classifieds, billboards, pamphlet distribution, etc.

23) Positive Reviews are a Must Online

The percentage of people looking for reviews before purchasing any product or service online is constantly increasing and this explains the importance of having positive reviews for your business. At this time when reviews have become so crucial, having little to no reviews or worse, negative reviews, will definitely cause a dent in the growth of your bookkeeping business. This makes it essential that you must ask your customers to leave reviews about your business online. This process of obtaining reviews can be increased if you can provide some sort of reward to those customers who do so.

This sums up the write-up on bookkeeping marketing strategies. To discuss anything relevant to this article, leave your feedback below or send us an email using our contact us page.

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