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Book Signing Press Release Template with Good Writing Tips, Sample, and Benefits

A book signing event brings readers in touch with the authors whose work they appreciate and due to this, such events attract publicity as well as helps to build buzz and sales for the book. To make a successful announcement for a book signing event, issuing a press release is very helpful. By taking the aid of the book signing press release template given here, you can very easily create one for your own book signing event. Along with the press release format for a book signing event, you will also find the necessary tips to write a good press release along with the advantages (of PR) and the right way to distribute such a press release.

Aim: To conveniently write and send out a book signing press release.

Tools: The above-given objective can be fulfilled easily with the tools given here in form of a book signing press release template along with tips to write the press release, advantages, and a sample example.

Template: Amend the press release template given below to get the press release written professionally and quickly.


[Headline] /* [Author Name] + to Visit the Book Signing Event + [name of event] + at [location + date] + creative twist (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* a short summary of 1 to 2 sentences */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the Author], writer of [most significant book written by the author] will be there at the signing event [name of the signing event] at [location + date]. [Time to attend + which book will the author sign + book purchasing and booking options]. (3-4 sentences)

[Speciality of the Author + Experience (previous famous work) + about the event venue and organizer + how is it important to the readers] (4-5 sentences)

[Quote from the Author]

[Slight details of the book + its genre + little background of author + author achievements (awards, etc)] (4-5 sentences)

[Quote from Event Organizer/Publishing House/Reviewer]

[achievements or key things about the book signing event organizer + future plans] (2-3 sentences)

To get more details on [the book signing event/author], visit [social media page or website URL].

About [Event Venue/Organizer]

[Event venue or organizer background + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Leading Advantages

While many small and big advantages can be attributed to a press release distribution, the following are the leading advantages for most businesses, services, events, etc, including your book signing event.

1) Provides Growth in Brand Value

Many times people search for low-cost and easy ways to start building their business/personal brand value. The option to hire a marketing firm is not convenient for many businesses and individual entities as the charges included are huge and the contract terms are also rigid. The easy solution for brand-building needs is handled by using any well-connected press release distribution system that has established publishing rights on big brand news sites. This process also allows getting more chances of coverage by other reputed sites as the presence of your business/personal name on big news sites makes it easy to get acceptance on other sites as well.

2) Grabs Good Attention in a Short Span of Time

A traditional, inexpensive and quick way to make sure that your business-related or personal announcement gets the attention of people is by writing and sending press releases for distribution. The extent to which your announcement gets attention will also depend on how well you have optimized the content and what is the quality of the distribution network chosen by you. By taking the service of any established and well-connected press release distribution network, you can enable your announcement to be seen across some of the popular websites including FOX-affiliated sites, Yahoo Finance, and associated sites, etc.

3) Gives the Combo of Good Perception and Transparency

For any potential investor to invest in your business and for any potential customer to take the services of your business, it is essential that they perceive your business to be genuine and reputed. A key role in improving the perception of a business is played by the level of transparency showcased by the business in its functioning. For ensuring transparency, the process begins with revealing information which in turn requires a good medium like a press release to broadcast the information across various sites. This way press releases help in strengthening the transparency of a business too.

4) Indirectly Benefits the Website by Attracting Links

One of the core reasons why businesses use press releases is to market their brand so as to get more growth. An indirect yet powerful benefit in line with the goal of brand marketing and growth is that press releases help to attain numerous backlinks that affect how well the website of the concerned business performs in search engines. Since many news sites are involved in press release distribution, the links attained are of good quality and positively help the site to perform in search results leading to obvious growth in visitors and leads for the respective business.

5) Newsworthy PR Gets More Benefits

If one has put decent time and effort to make the press release interesting and newsworthy with a unique angle, then the overall results attained from the distribution of the press release increase along with the chances of getting much broader coverage due to voluntary publication of the PR from many other news sites. In such cases, it is normal to see traffic and backlinks rise many folds. One can take some samples of successful press releases to get a rough idea of what kind of press releases have made the best impact in terms of coverage, traffic, and overall results.

Tips to Create a Well-Performing Press Release

1) Title will Impact the Readership

The press release created by you will be published on hundreds of sites and the traffic arriving on these sites is not going to read all the press releases posted every day. The title of the press release becomes the crucial decision-making factor that dictates which press releases will be selected and read by more people. Factoring this thing in mind, you must put every effort into framing a good title for your press release.

2) Don’t Distract by Technical Words

Ads, sponsored content, related posts/news stories are some of the distractions that people face while reading content online. If along with these distractions, your press release contains complex/technical words, then it will add a new distraction thereby hurting the number of views that your press release will get. To avoid such circumstances, make sure that the content you write for your press release is simple, lucid, and straightforward.

3) Ask Common Questions and Include Their Answers in the PR

It is not uncommon to come across press releases that sound incomplete or fragmented in providing information concerning the announcement made by them. If you don’t want your press release to repeat the same mistake, you must start asking questions like who, what, where, how, when, etc related to your announcement before writing the press release so that you can provide the answers to all the most relevant questions that are concerned with your press release.

4) Create a Wider Appeal

Most of the time, press release writers just limit the press release content to the direct announcement only as a result of which they miss out on the extra potential that a press release could have. To create a bigger impact, try to create a mass appeal through your press release content by showcasing different forward and backward linkages to the announcement. While doing this, don’t forget to retain the core professional nature of the press release.

5) Embrace the “Third-Person” Technique of Writing

If you take a blog post on one side and a press release on the other side, you will notice a clear-cut difference in the writing style. You will find that a press release will not contain words like I, you, we, mine, etc anywhere in the press release content except in the quotes. This happens so because the professional style of writing required for a press release prohibits using first and second-person words. So write the content on your press release in the first person only.

6) Never Use Controversial Data or Information

Press releases can also pose a big threat of maligning your business image if it contains false or inaccurate data. They can also attract legal risks if any competitor or agency highlights that the data or information given by your company is wrong. Further, you won’t be successful in getting all copies of your press releases corrected at any later stage because the distribution itself is too large and complex. To avoid all such problems, ascertain that all information carried out by your press release is perfect.

7) Subtle Marketing is Possible

As a general rule, press releases are not meant for promoting products and services. However, with creative writing, one can get the marketing component approved in a press release if the marketing is done in a subtle way. If the promotional aspect of a press release goes beyond a point, it can cause the content to be rejected by the distributing network or can cause less number of sites to publish it.

8) Make PR More Interesting Through Multimedia Use

A plain press release is not as interesting and convincing as a press release with multimedia. Images and videos can make the press release more creative, interesting, and attractive. Since all platforms do not allow uploading video directly in a press release, the best option is to upload the video on YouTube and provide a link to the video URL in the press release.

9) Distribution Holds the Largest Weight

To explore the entire possibilities for a press release, good content is just one side of the coin. The other and significant side of the coin lies with the distribution which can change the game considerably. A good distribution is one that can ensure your press release becomes visible on sites like MarketWatch, Associated Press, Yahoo News, etc. So make the right selection for distributing your PR.

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