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21 Auto Parts Marketing Ideas to Grow Sales Really High

Every sector is facing competition nowadays and the auto parts sector is not an exception. If your auto parts business has not yet applied effective marketing strategies for its promotion, it will soon be eclipsed by its competing businesses. These auto parts business marketing ideas, if executed, will give you an upward curve in the growth of your customers and revenues. That’s enough introductory stuff, let’s see the main ideas one by one:

1) Enrich Your Auto Parts Showroom Virtually

The basics of online marketing for your auto parts business starts with a website that also serves as your digital showroom in order to introduce your products to a far bigger audience. This is because more and more people are starting their search for a product or service online. Most notably, if you have a website and option for online purchases, you can quickly expand into new geographical locations. Here are some suggestions that will improve your website’s conversion rate:

a) Make a user-friendly website that has a proper division of content into categories and is well-designed. Integrate online orders and delivery options for more revenue.
b) Your homepage’s header should prominently display the contact information of your business.
c) Make sure your website displays customer testimonials and also has a FAQ section for the most commonly asked questions.
d) Ensure that your website operates with the right resolution across all devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets.
e) Your website should quickly and fully load in a maximum of one to two seconds.
f) Highlight the major milestones and achievements that your company has reached along with major moments like being featured in the media.

2) Let Press Releases Build Your Business Image

Businesses are always looking for ways to gain better reach among the public and to gain media attention. Press releases are an amazing tool to help you in this endeavor. Press releases also provide the benefits of attracting traffic and high-quality backlinks for your business website. A relevant and well-structured press release distributed through a quality distribution network can get your auto parts business name to appear on some authoritative and trusted websites and news platforms of the world.

3) Conquer the Google First Page with SEO

More consumers are shifting their focus online, and this is leading to a growing number of searches for goods and services online. If your auto parts website has to be seen online by your potential consumers, the first thing you must ensure is that your business website must appear in the top ten results of Google. For this to happen, the process involved is called “search engine optimization” or “SEO” in short. Prominent businesses and brands understand the need to implement SEO strategies for their digital or online growth. As many elements and technicalities are involved in SEO, you must either learn it yourself using many free and paid resources online or must get it managed by any qualified SEO agency.

4) Get Posts Posted, Get More Traffic

Content Marketing plays an essential part in growing sales for a business by increasing the number of visitors to the website. It follows a very simple principle of consistently publishing articles on your website that address various topics/keywords related to your business. With a growing number of articles, the visitors to your site will also increase which will definitely lead to growth in the number of sales too. To find out different types of topics or keywords associated with your auto parts business, you can utilize any keyword tool or can pay any digital marketing freelancer to come up with keywords related to your sector.

5) Dominate the Local but Special Pack of Google

Having a detailed, updated, and optimized Google My Business (GMB) page is yet another marketing method that you can adopt for your auto parts business. You will miss out on one of the finest ways to appear on Google’s search results if you have not created a GMB page yet. If a user searches for any product related to your business, your business listing will become eligible to appear on the local listings of Google. There are many optimization methods for GMB pages using which you can increase the chances of your business being shown more often on Google results. You can find many websites online that have content on GMB optimization or in case you don’t want to handle it by yourself, you can still manage the GMB optimization by taking the services of any agency.

6) Try Quality Advertising (Paid)

It’s possible that paid advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. might speed up the process of generating leads. When it comes to advertising online, Google is the best option, with Facebook being the next to it. But if you don’t know the basics of ad making, bidding, targeting, and other such factors, you will soon enough find that you’ve spent more on ads than you’ve made back as profits. So either familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of using these ad networks or better yet, have a professional marketing agency handle your company’s paid advertising on networks like Google, Facebook, and Bing.

7) Expand Socially and Get Rewarded

Building a social media following takes time and effort, but it will pay off over time in the form of a steady stream of leads for your auto parts business. Don’t hurry things if you want to see results from your social media marketing plan; success in social media promotion is linked to the quality and amount of content you provide. For the first few months, stick to a regular publication schedule of high-quality informative content with little to no direct marketing. The time to increase your advertising efforts is when you have built a substantial following.

8) Taste the Success of Influencer Marketing

People in your area who have amassed a substantial online following on any social media site can be the right medium to promote your auto parts business. Look for these kinds of influencers on social media and reach out to them to see if you can work together. Pick the influencers who charge reasonable rates and who have a significant portion of your target audience as their followers. Broadcasting your message through these influencers increases the exposure of your brand as well as the number of people who follow the social media profiles of your business.

9) Use Gift Marketing

Get some low-cost products custom printed with your auto parts business name and use them for promoting your business. Having your business name prominently displayed on low-cost items followed by giving them out to your customers is a low-cost way to make a memorable impact for your customers. Pens, T-shirts, calendars, mugs, wrist bands, plastic bottles, and so on can carry your business name on them if you use any custom printing company for getting such items printed with your business name. Also, you can use these items as incentives for those people who post or share any marketing materials related to your business on their respective accounts made on social media platforms.

10) Reap Several Marketing Benefits with Email Marketing

The best way to reach out to new potential customers and remain in touch with current customers is through email marketing. Many people check out a business’s website, but never call or buy its products/services. Your chances of converting such site visitors into customers increases when you collect their email address and follow up with them. One more email marketing strategy that has been effective in growing sales is to regularly inform existing customers about new deals, discounts, and other offers. As most people are apprehensive of revealing personal information over the internet, a good tactic is to provide a valuable offer in exchange for their email address. This may be in the form of ebooks, discounts, etc.

11) Few Directories are Good and Great. Use Them

Leaving your business footprints on various websites online will open the doors to more exposure for your business. One easy way of doing this is by exploring all authority directories that enjoy good ranking in Google. To do this, all you have to do is start typing a few keywords associated with your business on Google followed by examining the results shown. By implementing this method, you will find many directories like Yelp that allow businesses to create a listing on their platform. A few of these directories will also have premium options for increased exposure which you can avail of for testing the results.

12) Harness Video Marketing Power

If you upload videos to YouTube that highlight your business, such videos will show up in the Youtube search results when prospective clients will try to find more information about your auto parts business. With billions of visitors received every month for almost all kinds of search terms, Youtube carries great marketing potential, and keeping an active channel on this platform has the potential to increase the brand exposure of your business. By targeting low-competition keywords along with using basic SEO principles, the chances of your videos being displayed in Google increases many folds which is a great way to generate more sales.

13) Build Referral Chain for Sales

Incentivize your customers to spread the word about your business by offering them discounts or vouchers for future purchases in exchange for referring new clients. This incentivized referral marketing strategy can work great for both present and future clients. Your end results with this marketing strategy will largely depend on how good is the incentive offered for referring your business.

14) Traditional Marketing Methods are Still Great

Offline marketing is the most widely used marketing method and many different strategies are involved in it. It is always advised to use offline marketing along with online marketing to get your business or service noticed by more people. The most common negative factor attributed to offline marketing is that it is costly and the targeting options are very less. Despite this, they are being extensively used to bring leads for businesses around the world. Billboards, banners, ads in newspapers, brochures, and pamphlets are some of the time-tested methods of offline marketing.

15) Create Installation and “Common Problem” Videos to Grow Sales

Being in the auto parts industry, you must have knowledge about the most common problems that come along with vehicles. By creating installation and problem-solving videos for these common problems, you can also promote spare parts that are required for solving such problems. In the description part of your video, you can leave the link for purchasing the spare parts mentioned by you in the videos. By creating and sharing more such videos, you can definitely get more people to buy spare parts from you.

16) Grow Sales with Your Content in Local Newspapers and Magazines

Pitch your article publishing request to the editorial news desk of local newspapers and ask if they can allow you to contribute articles in the automotive sector. Once you have got access to publish articles in local newspapers, you can write articles on various problems that arise with vehicles and what auto parts must be changed/removed in order to rectify the problem. This way you can not only create a great brand perception of your business but can also improve the customer base of your auto parts business.

17) Build and Utilize Relationships for More Sales

The most relevant partners that can help to grow auto parts sales will be people and businesses in the same sector. These people and businesses can be car dealers, vehicle repair mechanics, garage owners, etc. You can also brainstorm on more businesses and service providers who can be the best sources to send more leads and sales your way.

18) Provide Online Ordering Options with Free Shipping to Accelerate Sales

By supporting online orders with free shipping, it is very easy for your business to scale the geographical limitations of your business. Since your auto parts website can be seen by people from many different locations, you must capitalize on this opportunity by providing the option to make online payments for buying auto parts from any location in your country. You can tie up with delivery partners to take care of your distribution needs.

19) Organize Free Camps for Checking Vehicle Health to Grow sales

By organizing free camps for checking the condition of vehicles including emissions, you will come across several faults and problems with vehicles for which you can suggest changing the auto parts. This way you can increase the sales of your products and can also get the opportunity to distribute referral cards or coupons to the customers for future purchases.

20) Add a Few More Services to Increase Per Customer Revenues

By adding or tying up with more services related to vehicles, you can open up the possibility to earn more from every customer. You can also come up with bundle offers like discounted vehicle wash, discounted engine oil change, etc if people avail products/services over a certain price limit.

21) Have Strong Review Marketing

By looking at the number of positive reviews of a business, one can easily guess the quality of products or services offered by the respective business. This is why most people nowadays look for reviews before choosing any product or service online. Taking this factor into consideration, request your customers to leave feedback about your auto parts business online. To spice up this process, you can add a reward factor for those customers who take the time to leave reviews for your business.

Use these auto parts business marketing ideas and see your sales grow. Feedback, doubts, criticism, all are welcome and you can share your mind in the discussion section below.

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