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Athlete Press Release Template: Example, Writing Tips, & Benefits Included

An athlete deals with many aspects of life some of which may be related to sports while others won’t. Any significant event in the life of an athlete, in most instances, must not go unnoticed. For this, it is important that such events get communicated through the right medium. One of the common and effective mediums for communicating such events is press releases. In this blog post, you will find a premade athlete press release template that will make it easier to get a press release written for you. Along with the template, you will also come across a sample press release along with the main things that you must know before writing a press release. So it’s time to start examining the different dimensions for issuing an athlete press release successfully.

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Aim: To create an athlete press release and to discuss all the key things associated with it.

Tools: The above-given aim can be easily realized with the tools given here in the form of a ready-to-edit athlete press release template along with advantages, writing tips, a distribution mechanism, and a sample.

Template: Refer to the easy template given below for fast and professional writing of your athlete’s press release.


[Headline] /* name of athlete + associated sports/team + main announcement (new team joining, event participation, new agreement, retirement, etc) + attractive news angle*/

[Sub-heading] /* 1-2 sentence brief */

[Location City], [Date]. [Athlete Name], [playing for the team or kind of sports involved in], is pleased to announce [the event/announcement/new team/agreement/retirement along with location and date, if relevant]. [How this announcement/agreement/event is in the best interest of the associated team/business/individual].

[The key achievements of the athlete till now + how this will help/impact the athlete/team/fans + other people/business/organization involved in this (if any)]. (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the athlete]

[What led to this announcement + how will it proceed]. (2-3 sentences)

[Quote from any other senior player or member from the related sports authority or the organization involved]

For more information on this [announcement/agreement/changes], visit [website URL].

About [Athlete Name]

[Athlete background + vision + mission (2-3 sentences)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Essential Benefits of a Press Release

The advantages that your athlete press release can get are:

1) Yields Faster Visibility Online

One of the remarkable gains that a press release can provide is “quick visibility”. A number of big and small sites will carry out your press release once it gets distributed which will eventually lead to seizing some traffic from each of these sites. If the formatting of your press release is done around some low-competition keywords, then the press release will have a fair chance to generate long-term traffic for that keyword owing to the good ranking it will enjoy in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

2) Helps You Bypass Expensive PR Agencies

Brand building is an easy and effortless affair when any business utilizes a competent press release publishing service. Such a service can get your announcement to become available on some of the leading websites in the world. Similar types of services come at a premium price when the so-called branding agencies do the same work for their clients. So you can easily save a few thousand dollars each time you use a high-quality press release distribution service instead of hiring a marketing firm.

3) Gets Diverse Backlinks to Your Site

While it is cumbersome to reach out to many sites for getting backlinks to your site, an easy way to secure many good quality links is by using press release distribution. The links from press release distribution are much safer as they contain a blend of do-follow and no-follow links. Many SEO agencies use press releases as the first stage of link-building strategy for their clients and by using press release wire services, you can avail of this benefit directly.

4) Helps with Transparency and Trust

Transparency is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity for brand building. It also aids your personal profile as whenever people find more data about you, they are more likely to trust you which can give you results in the form of more fans and supporters. Press releases do assist your individual brand identity in this matter because by using press releases, your personal branding can easily make each and every announcement get transmitted across many small and big websites.

Keep These Tips in Mind Before Writing Press Release

1) Put Other Dimensions to Make the Content Interesting

Any content that is cross-linked with multiple sectors and has a broader impact is bound to find more appeal. This is true in the case of press releases too. The more set of dimensions that find expression in your press release content, the more attention it will command after being published. So try to integrate such linked dimensions in your press release without losing the professional nature of the press release.

2) Simple Content Performs Better

Avoid jargon and complex/rare words while writing a press release because such things reduce the clarity of a press release. The words used in the press release must not become a hindrance for any reader. Another reason is that editors/journalists coming across the press release would not be much interested to cover the content voluntarily if they face any kind of difficulty in comprehending it.

3) Don’t Make the Headline Dull

A casually written press release title fails to attract the attention of editors, journalists, niche experts, and all those potential people who would have otherwise read it. So press release title should be written by giving it paramount significance in the entire press release as it is the first impression creator for your entire press release.

4) Address Direct and Relevant Questions

Though press releases should ideally be short in length, mostly 500-600 words maximum, they should not compromise on providing vital information relevant to the core thing addressed by the press release. Things that are necessary to give a clear picture of the press release must definitely be present in the press release. So the list of direct and relevant questions concerned with the announcement must be planned beforehand to ascertain that the final press release doesn’t lack the most significant details.

5) Non-Third-Person Writing Style Gets Rejected

One big difference between blog posts and press releases is that blog posts can be non-professional and casual in their writing style but press releases have to be professional and formal owing to them representing the stand of their company/business. This difference demands press releases be framed only in the third-person writing format.

6) Press Releases Can be Ranked Strategically

If you know how to optimize content and select good keywords, you can easily enhance the benefits of a press release and can get traffic for a long period of time by ranking well in search engines. If you do not know how to do so, you can hire a freelancer for researching keywords and writing an optimized press release succeed by using a good distribution network that can get the press release positioned high in search engines.

7) Late Corrections are Close to Impossible

In a blog post, one can easily make corrections to the content later if any mistakes are found. However, with a press release, this process is very stiff and almost impossible because all the sites that publish your press release may not entertain requests for editing the content. Even if some of these sites may accept the request, the charges usually quoted by them for making the corrections are big.

8) Use Photos, Videos for Good Engagement Rate

Writing simple plain text content for a press release is not as powerful as a press release consisting of a video and photos. Videos are much more powerful influencing mediums as compared to images and text, so their usage in the press release is bound to communicate your brand and ideas much better. One important thing to note here is that most sites that publish press releases do not have scope for embedding videos directly, so the best option out is to upload videos on a third-party site and provide the link in the press release.

9) Prefer Only Quality Service Provider for Distribution

In spite of having all the elements required for good content for a press release, it is not unusual to see meager results achieved from such press releases. The major factor which causes such a thing to happen is inefficient distribution. Many businesses unaware of the functioning of the press release system do not understand the significance of a high-quality service provider for a press release. By taking note of this factor, your business must always opt for a good wire service for sending out the press release for distribution. Ensure a good distribution portfolio before selecting a service provider.

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