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Ultimate Artist Press Release Example with Template and Tips

A good skill/art is not of much use if it is not combined with the right marketing to showcase it. Are you an artist and want to showcase your skill or announce your new album/portfolio/launch? If yes, then an artist press release is the primary method to get kick off the announcement and let the people know. We have put up all the required elements in this article that will be instrumental in making your press release successful. You will find PR example, template, writing tips and advantages of an artist PR in this article. So let us become familiar with these aspects one by one.

Aim: To issue a press release for announcing the artist and his related skill/launch and to get a good broadcast and visibility.

Tools: The tools given here are sample template for an artist press release, example, writing tips and advantages. We have also specifically discussed the topic of distribution (in the writing tips section) to ensure that you don’t miss the most vital aspect of PR.

[Headline] /* Name of artist/entity + main focus of press release (new music launch/gallery/agreement, etc) + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Artist/company name], a [popular/emerging] name in [music/art industry], is pleased to announce the launch of its upcoming [album/music/agreement] on [date]. [What type of art/music form is presented + availablity on which sites + how people can access]. [message/offer for listeners/attendes].

[Past work of artist/company + achievements + experience in industry + record/label/art partner] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the artist]

[Discuss new trends in music/art industry + expected growth/changes in industry + how this album/art/agreement serves/adds value to the industry] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a listener/music company/sponsor/partner]

[Talk about what is exciting and unique about this music/art/announcement + key members in production of music/art/album]. To get more details on this [album/art], visit [website/social media] or reach at [email/phone number].

About [Artist name/company name]

[Company/Artist background + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Main Benefits of an artist Press Release

Accelerated Coverage and Attention

With the level of broadcast by a good PR distribution network, it is easy to get placement on 250+ sites. By getting into a good circulation, your content will be seen across many platforms. Also since the time required for the completion of syndication is 24-48 hours, you achieve massive coverage in a short time frame. This makes your content liable to get a big viewership.

Helps in Getting an Artist Panel in Google

Google has introduced a new feature called “knowledge panel” for key artists, businesses, individuals, etc. This process is automatic but Google takes its data from various sources to show an artist panel and press releases are one of the sources to feed data into the Google algorithm. The benefit of an artist panel is that it adds a level of credibility to a profile/entity.

Helps in Verification

Social networks have different requirements for providing a verification badge and press releases provide a good way for getting recognized. High-end press releases are one of the indicators and instruments that help in verification.

Helps in Getting Recognized

When a person types the name of an artist in Google and finds his name and work mentioned on some of the reputed platforms, then it creates a good impression. It also helps when the artist wants to get linked with partners/sponsors/production houses as people in such organizations can easily find the person mentioned on big sites and can consider him trustworthy.

Right Initial Start

Big brands, startups and individuals who regularly use press releases set the right ground for bigger coverage. When news about a brand/entity reaches a journalist or industry-specific site, they perform a search online to know more about the entity and if there are already plenty of articles speaking in favor of the entity, then it helps them to easily write a story/post on that entity.

Best Tips for Writing an Artist Press Release

1. Showcase Your Achievements

Make a list of your achievements and showcase it in your press release so that any user reading your release would be tempted to know more about you. Upload your album/music/painting/work on your website or a third-party site and provide its link in the press release so that people can explore more about your work.

2. Don’t forget the basic things

While writing a press release, take note of basic questions like what, why, when, where, etc. to ensure a good press release write-up. After reading your release people must not feel that the content is partial and basic information about the announcement is missing.

3. Promotion is Not for PR

While it is true that PR itself is a means of promotion but the content of PR must not sound too salesy. Most platforms will deny any PR that has an excess promotion in it. Write the PR such that the promotion doesn’t sound like a promotion.

4. Mistakes are Eternal

When we talk about a press release, then mistakes are eternal because it is impractical to contact 100’s of sites and ask for making changes in the PR once it gets live on sites. So remember that whatever you write in the PR will not be liable for correction later as the sites where your PR will be syndicated will have different policies and it will be too cumbersome to track and request each one of them. Though some of these sites will accept editing requests, their charges are usually on the high end.

5. Be Creative

Writing a PR in the same old-fashioned way will not give good results. Think of ways to make your PR stand apart from the 100’s of PR’s published daily and you are good to get positive results.

6. Choose Superior Distribution Services

All PR distribution services are not equal. Most of them will land your PR on 100’s of sites that don’t even get any considerable traffic. Getting our content on such junk sites won’t do any good other than inflating the number of sites and giving a false sense of accomplishment. Google has become smarter and it only selects and ranks authority sites. So unless you get PR on authority sites like Yahoo, Associated Press, it will not be of much significance.

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