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18 Appliance Repair Marketing Techniques to Generate More Leads and Profits

Getting customers for appliance repair is no longer as it was a few years ago due to stiff competition and more franchisees of big companies in this sector. Having quality skills and delivering quality work is no longer sufficient as even new appliance repair businesses who are active in marketing can easily control a big market share by adopting the right marketing strategies. To get appliance repair leads and customers regularly, you need to become more proactive in marketing to prevent your business from being slowly sidelined by competition. We have listed the following appliance repair marketing techniques that will positively affect the growth of your business.

1) High-Quality Website

Anyone can come up with a website but if the site is not adjusted to convert, then most of the traffic received by it will go waste. A high-quality website for an appliance repair business must have these qualities listed below

A) It must not be cluttered, must be easy to navigate.
B) Details like service area, hours of operation, types of appliances you deal with, etc must be clearly mentioned.
C) It must have an instant appointment booking form available on the main page.
D) It must adjust according to device size for mobile phones i.e. mobile-friendly.
E) It must have testimonials and reviews present.
F) Awards, achievements, affiliation and accreditations must be displayed to enhance the trust factor.
G) It must have a contact number displayed prominently on the main page.

2) GMB Marketing

Google My Business (GMB) is a great tool that drives many leads for millions of local businesses and services worldwide. However, it takes optimization to get the business ranked in the Google local pack. It is more relevant in the appliance repair industry as it can drive high-quality leads for your business. Once your appliance repair business starts showing in the local pack listing of Google, your business will be visible on Google for many relevant terms that will drive many leads regularly. There are many factors that combinedly determine the ranking of a business in this pack and you can take the services of any good digital marketing agency to manage it for your business.

3) First Page Domination

For every keyword typed in Google, Googe shows 1000’s of pages with 10 organic results on each page. However, it is only the first-page ranking websites that command 90% of the traffic generated by people. In other words, if your appliance repair business ranks on any page except the first page in Google, you won’t get much benefit from the presence of your website in Google. It is estimated that Google takes close to 200 factors into consideration for deciding the ranking of these pages. Since it will be hard for you to technically invest your time and money in optimizing your rank, you can get it taken care of by any SEO agency.

4) PPC

The time taken for any business to get results with SEO is longer while PPC (pay per click) marketing for appliance repair businesses can deliver a very quick flow of leads consistently as long as you keep on paying. Ads on Google and Bing are the most successful in terms of delivering quality appliance repair leads but Bing has a very low volume of leads as compared to Google. Another option is to do ads on Facebook which provides many targeting options to select the visibility of your ads. One thing that must be noted here is that if you don’t have any experience or knowledge of PPC ads, then you must consider getting it managed by any marketing agency else because wrong targeting and framing of ads can lead to a negative return on investment i.e. finally you may end up spending more money than you actually earn from it.

5) Social Media Marketing

Social media networks with big audience base like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are a potent medium for getting customers for your appliance repair business. However, it will take time, patience and consistency to get results from social media as building a following on such platforms will take some time but it will be a long-lasting and free source of leads once you are established. One mistake many businesses and services make while trying to promote their business/service on social networks is that they aggressively start marketing on such networks due to which they don’t gain trust and engagement from people.

Social media marketing strategy for appliance repair is different and you must keep your marketing efforts subtle to succeed here. You can share tips and photos related to appliances, funny cases of malfunctioning, etc to get the people engaged with your business first. Once you have built a good repo, you can be a little pushier in marketing your core business. Social media also helps to boost the organic ranking of your website because the Google algorithm also considers social signals as one of the factors in determining the ranking of your website.

6) Press Release

What impression would people get about your business if they see the name of your business being mentioned on many news portals? Obviously, the answer is positive. Press releases have the capability to get your appliance repair business mentioned on many news websites and portals. Anytime someone would like to find reviews about your business on any search engine and types the name of your appliance repair business, he/she will get many news sites carrying your name which is definite to spark interest and send out a message that the business is reputed and trustworthy. Also, press releases help towards diversifying the link structure of a website which is sure to get a positive impact on the organic ranking of your website.

7) Competitor Targeting

Do you know that by adopting a little bit of creativity, you can catch some of the potential clients of your competing businesses? Here we will talk of two ways to do it. First, you can write blog posts on your own website by optimizing the post for the brand name of your competitors. By doing this, your website will also show up if any person types your competitor’s brand name in Google. Second, you can bid on the brand name of your competitors using Google Ads. This way your ad will also show when someone searches for your competitors’ names in Google.

8) Rewarding Referrals

Referrals are one of the most significant ways to boost businesses because the level of trust factor through referral marketing is simply great. Though asking for people to refer your business is a good idea but rewarding people to refer your business adds an added incentive for them to do so. You can either give gift certificates per referral or discount offers/coupons to people referring your business.

9) Partnership Marketing

Many other businesses and services can serve as lead generation channels for your business if you establish a partnership with them. The most notable thing here is to find such businesses and services that have a related or similar customer base as required by your business. Some of the examples of such businesses can include electrical shops, electricians, appliance selling shops, etc. You can spend some more time brainstorming all such entities where your potential customer is more likely to ask for appliance repair services.

10) Loyalty Program

Since any household nowadays has several kinds of appliances, having problems with one or the other appliance every now and then is bound to happen. This creates an opportunity for you to sell a loyalty program where the customer can get next-time services at a low cost/budget. To implement a loyalty program in order to increase the overall revenue per client, you can come up with good packages for maintenance and repair of appliances for a specific period of time.

11) Online Reviews

Reviews help in shaping the decisions of people. With easy access to the internet, a considerable number of people do go online to check the reviews first before making the final call. In such a case, if you have no reviews, fewer reviews or even worse – negative reviews, then most probably that potential customer would choose some other competing appliance repair business that has a good number of positive reviews. So always ask and strive for positive reviews of your business online. You can also give some offers to your customers who leave reviews of your business online.

12) Email Marketing

While serving your customers once can get some revenue for your business, establishing a connection through email marketing will compel him/her to take your services every time he/she needs it. It is also useful in converting a portion of those clients who arrive on your website but for some or the other reason, did not take your service. This can be done easily by integrating any email subscription form on your website provided by any email subscription service like Aweber, Getresponse, etc.

13) Directories

Many big sites that have already invested time and resources in optimizing their website for better performance and ranking in Google are the prime assets that can be utilized for promoting your appliance repair business too. Some popular websites in this category that you might have heard of are Yelp, Nextdoor, etc. All it takes to get your business listed on such sites is a one-time account creation and listing process.

14) Personalized Merch

Giving custom-printed physical items like mugs, calendars, T-shirts, etc not only builds good relationships with people and other businesses but also helps to increase the recall value of a business amongst its customers. You can easily order such items in bulk with them printed with your business details online. You can also give away such items to your potential partners who can send out new clients to your appliance repair services.

15) Pay Per Call Affiliate Network

Getting leads for your business by leveraging the power of pay-per-call affiliate networks is a way by which you can grow your auto repair business soon. By utilizing pay per call affiliate network, thousands of affiliates will be exposed to your offer and they will promote your business for getting commissions out of every qualified call. As an advertiser, you are free to set the parameters for a qualified call like region of call, duration of the call, calling hours, etc.

16) Video Marketing

Many low-traffic keywords are often ignored by big businesses and their SEO agencies. Creating videos around such keywords and posting them on Youtube is a good way to extract traffic from such keywords. Constantly posting such videos can lead to a continuous rise in the visitors to your website which will impact your overall revenue. Also, having video content around your business will lead to an increase in the brand value of your business.

17) Expanding Service Area

You can increase the revenue of your appliance repair business by expanding the number of areas served by you. You can easily do this by opening new branches or franchise model or by keeping your own trained staff in such locations. To track calls and orders, you can create a centralized system from where you can take orders and can then forward them to the nearby service location. This way you can keep on increasing your branches as a result of which you will become the owner of a big appliance repair business.

18) Offline Marketing

Even though many marketers are increasingly shifting their focus towards online marketing due to the convenience and targeting options provided by it, offline marketing is still alive and working great. Though it is comparatively costly and less targeted, it still drives leads for millions of businesses all around the world. The most known and used offline marketing methods include billboards, newspaper ads, magazine ads, brochures, flyers, etc.

These appliance repair marketing strategies are easily implementable and are known to give results. We hope that it provides great insights to increase your business. For more discussion or doubts, the comment section below is waiting for you. 😀

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