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About Us

Press Lord, started in 2021, aims to provide easy-to-understand informative content on topics related to marketing and branding. With the aim to educate many small and mid sized businesses and new marketers around the world, we aim to grow the site big enough to cover as many relevant topics as we can.

Writing content in the marketing and branding niche needs regular updates because new methods, advertising mediums and strategies evolve over time. So we will be revisiting content periodically and updating it. Therefore, it is very much likely that you may find the content changed a bit when you revisit the same post another time.

We welcome our readers who can suggest to us new topics that they want to see on this website. We also have plans to add a news section for marketing and branding news along with growing our team with time.

Satyam Reddy, Founder

Satyam ReddySatyam is the founder of PressLord.com. After working with Mr. Digito for over 7 years, he quit his job to provide freelance services to businesses. He has extensive knowledge in SEO, PPC marketing, press releases, and various other digital marketing services. He can be reached at satyam@presslord.com



Dwarika Sinha, Co-founder

Dwarika SinhaAfter graduating with a management degree, Dwarika started his business consultancy in Indore, with a greater focus on the marketing segment of business.  He served 12 years in this field before joining hands with Satyam to expand the scope of his business to a global level through PressLord.com. He can be reached at dwarika@presslord.com