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24 Must-Try 3D Printing Marketing Ideas

3D printing is a comparatively new technology with great growth potential. However, whether your 3D printing business will grow or not will largely depend upon your usage of a good marketing plan. As a business owner, you might not be having knowledge of various marketing methods. So take a look at these 3D printing marketing ideas and start executing them to keep on growing clients for your business.

1) Use Your Basic Asset Effectively

Before you start looking away at new marketing methods to promote your 3d printing business, remember that you can use your existing asset i.e. website to grow your clients. If you can just make 10% more conversions from your website visitors, that will mean that you have bumped up your monthly revenue and profits. Ensure that these factors are taken care of on your website:

a) Have a professional video on your homepage explaining the top benefits of your 3D printing business. This will surely add more engagement and conversions.
b) Pull out all trust-generating factors like awards, achievements, testimonials, etc. on the front page to make every website visitor perceive your business as genuine.
c) Make sure that your site does not take more than 1 or 2 seconds to load else your site will witness low engagement. There are speed test and optimization methods for dealing with this issue.
d) Check the compatibility of your 3D printing website on different devices so that it does not show cluttered on other devices like mobiles, tablets, etc.
e) To boost your conversions, have a live chat option to address all queries of visitors instantly.
f) Make the site well organized with easy-to-access contact details.
g) Show a portfolio of your past 3D printing work on your website.

2) Rank Well, Bank Well

Getting a website to show up on Google is completely different than getting the website to rank well on Google. Unless you get your 3D printing website ranked in the top 10 results in Google for search terms like “3D printing in [city/town]”, “best 3D printing service in [city/town]”, you will not get any significant benefits from the vast potential of Google. So go get a digital marketing firm that can help your website to rank successfully in prime positions in Google. Once ranked, your website will start receiving interest and inquiries from potential customers.

3) Utilize the Best Keywords of Your Competitors

Untapped keywords can be the new source of getting traffic and, in turn, revenue for your 3D printing business. To come across such new keywords, you can explore the profile of your competing business websites. This can either be done yourself with the help of a tool like Ahrefs or by outsourcing the task of uncovering such keywords along with content creation to a third-party digital marketing agency.

4) Tap Many Benefits with PR Announcements

Which option would you choose? Your business name is limited to your website and social network or your business name is visible on hundreds of news sites too. Obviously, anyone would choose the latter, as greater visibility means greater traffic and more customer acquisition channels. These results can be achieved by sending out announcements related to your 3D printing business using good press-release distribution platforms. Visibility is just one aspect, links, traffic, and brand image are other add-ons that are possible with press release promotion of your 3D printing business.

5) Enjoy a Faster Promotion Pace with Ads

To grow revenues for your 3D business faster, a great online advertising strategy is to run your ads on high-traffic platforms like Google and Facebook. Though it is important to note that you must not get started right away with ads without understanding the basics of optimizing ads else most likely you will gain very low margins or even negative returns. There are many free tutorials online on YouTube for learning the basics of ad creation and optimizing on different platforms. You can either learn these things from Youtube or can bypass the learning by giving the task to any professional marketing agency.

6) Create GMB, Optimize It and Get More Orders

Businesses shown in “Google local pack” get many extra leads and sales every month which makes GMB or popularly known as “Google My Business”, an effective tool for businesses. Unlike other normal listings on SERP, a distinct area with 3 listings are shown on Google whenever a user looks out for local goods or services on Google. This distinct segment is called the “Google local pack” and the first step to be shown in this pack starts with having a GMB page for your business. Since many businesses have GMB pages, Google will only display 3 of them, based on various parameters such as reviews, NAP score, trust factor, and more. The more effectively you take control of these parameters, the better and more frequent will be the display of your business profile in the local pack. To get these controlling parameters handled efficiently, hire a seasoned internet marketing firm.

7) Boost Site Visitors and Sales with Content

You can utilize content marketing effectively to cause a jump of a few hundred to thousand extra visitors each month for your website. All you have to do is to start exploring new keywords related to your niche for which you can chunk out content on your website to enable more chances of your website appearing in search engines. One great tool to give you a big list of associated keyword ideas for thousands of niches is Ahrefs. You can also outsource the entire task of content marketing to any SEO or digital marketing firm.

8) Get Consistent Promotion from Social Media

With the top social media platforms having audiences of millions, they are undoubtedly one of the best places where you can start promoting your 3D business. To start with this, you must first make a profile on these platforms and must start engaging with content shared by other people along with sharing your own non-marketing and interesting content. This will slowly help you to get a good amount of followers who can then be presented with your 3D printing service to start getting leads consistently.

9) Get Six Benefits of Marketing Through Emails

Marketing your 3D printing business through emails can get you several benefits listed below

a) It can increase overall conversion rates from your website visitors.
b) It will establish a long-term communication channel with clients.
c) It is a low-cost way to broadcast messages to thousands of people.
d) It can create an instant impact once you send the emails.
e) It is a loyalty-building mechanism too due to the process of establishing a connection with clients.
f) It can enable you to send messages anytime to your clients.

10) Make Tactical Use of Videos

To see a significant jump in overall conversions from your website, an effective strategy is to add a few videos. Other than this, You can use the potential and authority of YouTube to generate leads. For this, you have to identify very weak and long-tail keywords first. Then, you must start creating and posting videos for these keywords as a result of which you can start seeing a traffic increase over time which will also affect your client base and revenue.

11) Dig Bigger Customers and Contracts with LinkedIn

Almost every business has a few ideal customers that can provide big orders. Make a list of all industries and companies that might find 3D printed materials useful in their operation and reach out to the top executives of such companies through LinkedIn. Even if your success rate is in single digits, a handful of big companies can make a big shift in your revenues.

12) Introduce Your Portfolio to Many People Through Influencers

Identify the most ideal social media influencers whose followers will be more likely to order 3D printed products and incentivize these influencers to promote your business. Through the promotions done by these influencers, you can get more recognition, sales, and social media followers.

13) Get an Extra Bonus with Directories

The listing process of your 3D printing business on directories (for example, Yelp) can give you more site visitors, branding, and backlinks. To find good directories to list, search Google results for directories showing up in the top 10 results for a few different combinations of keywords related to local 3D businesses.

14) Let Past Work Get You More Business Presently

Take photos of every 3D product that you make for your clients to compile a rich portfolio. Have this portfolio readily accessible on your 3D printing business website and on the social media page of your business. As a rich portfolio will give more trust to any potential customer in your 3D printing capabilities, it will land you more conversions from the site/social media visitors, thereby growing your 3D business.

15) Make Use of Established eCommerce Sites

On large eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc, you can list popular and trending items made using 3D technology. Such listings will generate additional sales for your business. You can also take custom orders for printing names and small designs through Etsy, eBay, etc.

16) Make Your Car Stand Out for Your Business Promotion

As a 3D printing business owner, you can get excellent 3D design projected on your car for display so that your car would get many eyeballs while you drive out through the road. Your 3D display used on the car must also carry your business name and contact details so that people can contact you for customized orders. Contact other car owners, give them similar advertising modules along with a monthly promotion fee to roll out your business advertising. You can repeat this for many regions where you can serve clients.

17) Increase Your Business with Extra Add-Ons

Many people have a rough idea of the design they want and they lack the necessary skills to create a sketch suitable for 3D printing. You can ease the process for them by giving designing services along with printing services. This will cause your business to cater to a wider group along with increasing the price fetched per customer. You can also provide the option to work with more kinds of materials in order to spread your network of clients.

18) Generate Trust and Orders with Media

3D printing is a fairly new technology with wide scope and the media remains eager to cover interesting subjects. You can contact local media publishing houses and can offer writing content occasionally on new 3D developments and uses. The media house will get free expert content and your business will get trust, sales, and recognition with this marketing method for your 3D business.

19) Make More People Contact You for Quotes

Many people get excited to leave their contact details on website to get free quotes for their required products/services and you can use this human tendency to generate many leads. Just put out a form on your website and offer a fast and free quote option to your site visitors and you will see many new leads arriving.

20) Let Architects and Developers Give You More Business

3D projects of buildings are very attractive and you can, therefore, offer 1-2 free sample designs to leading architects and real estate developers so that you can get regular orders from them. The more you get in touch with people requiring design projects, the more orders you will be able to get consistently.

21) Give Project Design Presentations, Get More Business

Schools and colleges carry out many activities some of which are related to building projects. You can offer presentations in schools and colleges to make students aware of your 3D printing service for developing quality projects with 3D technology. You can also promote your 3D design service for projects through sponsored videos on school and college groups on social media. This marketing strategy can give you a new customer base and can get you more orders.

22) Use Tech Forums and Reddit Groups

Get photos, videos, and links to your 3D project designs posted on technology forums and targeted Reddit groups. As most forums don’t allow promotion by new members, join tech forums and start posting non-promotional stuff for a few weeks to bypass the new member restrictions. After that, you can start increasing the promotional material related to your business. This will give backlinks to your 3D design website along with more visitors.

23) Take Offline Marketing into Account

You cannot complete your marketing cycle by excluding offline promotions because offline marketing complements online marketing efforts and grows your reach further. However, if budget is a concern then sticking to online marketing only is a good option. The general ways of offline marketing like newspaper ads, magazine ads, announcements on radio stations, billboard ads, etc are functional in giving reach and growth.

24) Have Good Things Said Online

With a large segment of the population accessing the web, reputation too is mainly dependent on what reviews people have left online. So ask customers to rate your 3D printing business online and this will cause an extra increase in the number of customers for your business.

It’s ending time and we hope that you have found these 3D printing marketing ideas useful. Share this great article on 3D printing marketing to show your appreciation. If anything is still unclear, do see that we have comments open below :).

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