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17 Tree Service Marketing Ideas to Get More Business Leads

If you are in the tree service business, then you must know that there are many established tree service companies already in operation that get a big share of clients and revenue. Increasing your tree service business is not hard at all if apart from focusing on the technical aspects of your business, you also start focusing on the right marketing strategy. For businesses that want to take their business to the next level by getting tree service business leads consistently, we have given below selected tree service marketing ideas to get started.

1) Be Found Everywhere Online

Perform some searches related to keywords that any average tree service customer would type in Google (for example, “tree services near me”, “best tree service in [name of your city/town]”) and note down online directories and sites that rank well. You will find some sites like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, etc. Ensure that you provide your business details on these sites because the return that you get from a one-time task of adding your business details on these sites is great.

You can also add your tree service business details along with your website on sites like Crunchbase, Manta, Yellow Pages, etc. This will serve two great functions. First, whenever someone will type the name of your tree service business in Google, they will see that your business is listed on such big sites thereby giving an instant authority for your business. Secondly, it will help in diversifying the backlink sources due to which the ranking of your official tree service website will improve which will lead to more visits and inquiries.

2) Boasting

No one knows how good or great your service is unless you take the first step to introduce more about it. Your achievements, awards, recognition, big clients in your portfolio, any special add on service or facility and everything that can create a great impression about your business must be listed and included in your website, social media, banners, flyers and all marketing materials that you will be using. People must get more reasons to trust your tree service business and you can do it by listing all the relevant plus points for promoting your tree service business.

3) Sales Driven Website

Putting up a general website is simple and straightforward but insufficient in generating tree service leads. The actual success of a website is measured by the number of leads it can send out of the total number of visits that the site receives. Suppose your tree service website gets 200 visits/month and only 8 people call, then the conversion rate of your website is 4%. You must aim to increase this number to ensure that you make the best possible use of your website. Some things that your website must have are

a) Direct appointment booking option to attend to customers who need immediate assistance.
b) Clear and visible contact phone number provided on the homepage itself.
c) Optimized for mobile devices to ensure that you customers browsing through mobile devices do not leave it due to size adjustment issues.
d) Fast loading to ensure that no customer would abandon it due to time delay.
e) Testimonials and other achievements to instill more trust.

4) Good Search Engine Visibility

If any user types “tree service in [name of your city]”, then Google will show 1000’s of results but the user won’t go to each of these pages. As per data, most (around 90%) of the searches conducted by people on Google end up on the first page itself, so if your tree service website doesn’t get visible on the first page, the results will be very poor as far as online organic visibility is concerned. The process by which you can ensure your tree service website ranks better is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you can use any digital marketing agency to handle this for you. Else the other option is to learn SEO yourself and start applying the necessary changes. SEO does take some time but once you get a good ranking, then you will start getting tree service customers consistently.

5) Ads Online

By investing in paid online advertising for tree service business through Google and Facebook, you can propel the rate multiple times at which you are getting leads. Google and Facebook being two traffic-heavy platforms are the most widely used paid traffic sources for all kinds of businesses. The only thing is that if you are looking to handle the ad operation yourself, you must spend some time learning the process as it is easy to start losing money if you are not good at fitting all the required parameters right.

6) Social Media

Apart from the usual time waste that most people do on social networks, you can utilize social media platforms creatively to build your own community for your business interests. However, you must be very subtle in creating the perfect mix of socializing and promotion because if you jump on with a promotion mindset directly on social media, you will have a hard time building following and connections. You can share associated catchy news, images and information regularly with some promotion here and there to start building your base. Once you have a solid following, things will start manifesting with ease.

Social media marketing for tree service businesses will require patience and consistency to give results. It also indirectly helps to build the reputation of your business as your social media URLs will pop up in Google whenever someone will type the name of your tree business.

7) Press Release

One quick and low-cost way to spread announcements and name of your business online is by issuing press releases. Press releases get your website and announcement to spread to 100’s of small and big sites which helps to generate attention and links for your website. It is a potent brand-building method that is religiously used by many big and small businesses. This makes a strong case as why you must use press releases for marketing tree services.

8) Utilizing Current Customers

Word of mouth publicity has the biggest impact among all forms of marketing because people trust real people much more than text, images and videos. You can therefore use this to your advantage by incentivizing current customers. You can give $25, $50 visa gift cards or any custom printed merchandise to customers every time they refer someone to you. If you do not want to incentivize, you can also just ask them to refer your service in case you do not want to spend money for referrals, though it is not recommended to look for free referrals as people are more inclined towards self-benefits.

9) Upsells

You can make more money from your customers by coming up with upsells and long-term contracts. Let’s say you come up with a 12-month tree trimming and maintenance contract for a discounted price, then it will pull more money from the same set of customers from whom you will otherwise get a one-time task.

10) LinkedIn

Commercial sales are much bigger and better for almost all businesses. You can get commercial deals by establishing connections with companies and businesses in your local area through LinkedIn which is a much more professional and better network in terms of business. You can search local businesses on LinkedIn and can send a few contact requests daily to get started with making connections.

11) On-Premise Marketing

Whenever you go to render your tree services, do make sure to erect your business banner on the lawn/ground of your customer (with permission) so that all other houses in the neighborhood and all passersby can notice it. You can get brand awareness and more business deals with this simple marketing idea for a tree service business.

12) Nurture Good Partnerships

Pin down all such businesses and services that are likely to receive or refer clients requiring tree services. Then proceed with building referral relationships with them. You can also induce them for referring your tree service business by giving them commissions in cash or kind. Some of the best potential partners you can have are lawn care service providers, property managers, landscapers, architects, Vastu consultants, etc.

13) Storm Marketing

Storms can cause damage to lives and properties and you can use the storm tracking app to know the areas where a storm has hit recently. After this, you can inspect the storm-affected areas and can look for rendering your services on houses and properties that are affected by trees.

14) Co-Marketing

You can partner with other businesses to increase your chances of getting more clients for tree service. For example, you can tie up with any big construction company as many times new construction requires the removal of trees. The same partnership can be repeated with property dealers, lawn care services, etc.

15) Utilizing Videos for Marketing

For many search terms out there that do not have much traffic potential, you can start creating videos and posting them on Youtube so that they start pulling traffic and clients. Examples of such search terms can be “best low-cost tree removing services in [city name]”. Any freelance service can be used to find a list of all such “tree service” related search terms or you can find it on your own by deploying any keyword finding tool similar to Ahrefs.

16) Creative Marketing

You can make your office building and your service van similar to a chopped tree or can come out with other creative visual displays to make your business a talk of the town. Such out of the box marketing ideas for a tree service have a high chance to get noticed by people.

17) Marketing it Offline

Not everyone looks online for getting tree services, so incorporating an offline marketing strategy for growing a tree service is also important. The usual offline marketing methods are billboard advertising, ads in newspapers, pamphlets, door-to-door communication, ads on local lifestyle magazines, etc.

These tree service marketing ideas can start boosting revenues for your business if you start executing them. For discussions and queries, kindly reply below.

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